Business Consultants

Expect Outside-The-Box, Breakthrough, results in your business.  We
work with you individually, your Executive Team or first line employees in
industries including engineering, manufacturing, mining, education,
consulting and high tech.  Your business is F5 through F5000+.

Alusic Consulting engages experienced consultants committed to your
exceeding your goals.  Our Clients routinely see a 3X or more ROI from
our engagements.  When the engagement is complete you are left with
the tools, knowledge, expertise and experience to continue to set and
reach very aggressive goals and meet with success for years to come.

Alusic Consulting not only does a cultural audit of your business and
evaluation based on your desired goals, but also makes specific
recommendations on how you can succeed.  Most importantly, ACA stays
with you through the ups and downs of launch, implementation,  and
management to ensure your success.  We find that the "Big Report" and
"Out the Door" does not ensure client success.


CONSULTINGEvaluate, recommend, design, co-create your success

COACHINGIndividual coaching from the board room to first level teams

CULTURE CHANGE - Organizational Change & Transformation at any level

PARTNER for SUCCESS - Project Management consulting, and monitoring



   - Leadership and Management training

Communication: 1 to 1, group to group effective communication

Cultural transformation seminars for teams, groups or divisions

Co-Design Business Education:
    > Tailored to create employee understanding and alignment with
    your business goals  at every level in your organization.

 - Project management for breakthrough results.
Valdeane Alusic, Principal

Management: 20 years Engineering
Manager, and world wide
Corporate Program Manager in F24
Company. Focus on organization
restructure and turnaround.  Met
and exceeded all product, project
and P&L goals.  

Consulting: 20 years Business
Consultant.  Client success and
breakthroughs to new levels of
continued capability in Europe,
Asia, North and South Americas.

Clients: Fortune 5 - F1000 from
Executive Team to shop floor.  
Engineering, Mining, High Tech,
Manufacturing, Education,
Finance.  Personal coaching,
groups, and cross functional teams.
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